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Law 2030

Sep 13, 2021

Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen is CEO of Organizing4Innovation. Drawing from her background in chemical engineering, Floor works with professional services firms, including law firms, to develop structured processes for developing and measuring the viability of innovation efforts. Floor has researched law firm innovation efforts, and she's drawn conclusions about how firms can better structure and manage their innovation projects.

On this episode, Floor shares her thoughts on how leaders in legal can shift their mindset around innovation, and why many of these innovation efforts in law firms fail.

Law 2030 is produced by The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s Future of the Profession Initiative ("FPI"). FPI recognizes a leading law school’s role in designing forward-looking lawyer formation and leading essential interdisciplinary conversations that respond to the fundamental changes that are transforming the legal profession. If you’d like to learn more about the Future of the Profession Initiative at Penn Carey Law School, visit them online at